ImmunAg CBD saved my life from Stage IV Colon cancer- Joe Cotti

Email received from Joseph Cotti (Sept 16th, 5:12AM)- I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk to my wife and I about your ImmunAG. I started taking your product in June (*2016*), at that time the Cancer was very advanced and life threatening. I had multiple rounds of chemo and nothing […]

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Natural vs Synthetic CBD

There are 7 double bond isomers of Cannabidiol. Only one, Δ2-cannabidiol, occurs in nature, in its natural form. The other six isomers of Cannabidiol are formed when synthetic Cannabidiol is manufactured, or when Δ2-Cannabidiol is denatured. Δ2-Cannabidiol performs best in the “Bioactivity Test”.

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Potency of CBD

The potency of Cannabidiol, or any ligand, is a complex interplay between its “ligand efficiency” and its “bioactivity” or binding affinity. “Ligand efficiency” refers to the ability of Cannabidiol, the ligand, to produce a biological response of quantitative magnitude. This response may be as an “agonist” (positive response), an “antagonist” (blocks the agonist) or “inverse agonist” […]

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