Potency of CBD

The potency of Cannabidiol, or any ligand, is a complex interplay between its “ligand efficiency” and its “bioactivity” or binding affinity. “Ligand efficiency” refers to the ability of Cannabidiol, the ligand, to produce a biological response of quantitative magnitude. This response may be as an “agonist” (positive response), an “antagonist” (blocks the agonist) or “inverse agonist” […]

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Stage IV Metastasized Breast Cancer Cured by Plant Extract ImmunAg

Third Relapse My name is Candy Papier. Below is my PET scan, taken at Kaiser Hospital, Santa Clara CA, on March 4th 2016. I had my third relapse of breast cancer and the cancer had metastasized all over my body. It can be seen as the white bright blotches. Chemo was not effective and I was given three months […]

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