Poppy seeds can test positive for opioids in cheap tests

Check out this video on YouTube: There is nothing wrong with poppy seeds. There is a problem with cheap test kits for opioids and marijuana. These cheap tests do NOT test for opiates or THC. They test for their metabolites or “breakdown products.” The problem is that poppy seeds break down into the same metabolites […]

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Phyto Clinic changed my life

I was in a car accident 5 years ago and have been suffering from headaches and vertigo on a daily basis. Quality of life had really gone down for me. It is depressing to wake up to pain, headaches and nausea. I heard through a family member about phyto.clinic and Dr. Joseph’s all natural herbal […]

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Stage IV Metastasized Papillary Thyroid Cancer

Since I started on ImmunAg my visible tumor has softened and reduced in size considerably. I know that the ImmunAg has been a tremendous benefit to my treatment and I may well not be here without it, as I was expected to be dead by January of 2017. (Stage 4 metastasized Papillary thyroid cancer, spread […]

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Hi, I’m taking the 7.5 mg of ImmunAg (CBD) just to keep my immune system stronger…but my son Justin takes the 40mg ImmunAg, because he has an auto immune disease…it has helped him a great deal..it has brought his blood pressure to normal and also has allowed him to eat normal food without getting inflammation pain. […]

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ImmunAg CBD saved my life from Stage IV Colon cancer- Joe Cotti

Email received from Joseph Cotti (Sept 16th, 5:12AM)- I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk to my wife and I about your ImmunAG. I started taking your product in June (*2016*), at that time the Cancer was very advanced and life threatening. I had multiple rounds of chemo and nothing […]

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Natural vs Synthetic CBD

There are 7 double bond isomers of Cannabidiol. Only one, Δ2-cannabidiol, occurs in nature, in its natural form. The other six isomers of Cannabidiol are formed when synthetic Cannabidiol is manufactured, or when Δ2-Cannabidiol is denatured. Δ2-Cannabidiol performs best in the “Bioactivity Test”.

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Potency of CBD

The potency of Cannabidiol, or any ligand, is a complex interplay between its “ligand efficiency” and its “bioactivity” or binding affinity. “Ligand efficiency” refers to the ability of Cannabidiol, the ligand, to produce a biological response of quantitative magnitude. This response may be as an “agonist” (positive response), an “antagonist” (blocks the agonist) or “inverse agonist” […]

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