Pollutants we wallow in

We wallow in pollutants. In ignorant bliss. Industrialization released a slew of pollutants. This has insidiously been followed by television manipulating our mind with images, movement and messages. And now here comes the Internet. With all it’s conveniences and benefits are incredibly corrosive negatives which we have not completely comprehended.

Self discipline is critical to protect us from this multidimensional barrage of molecules and messages.

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Health is easy- “Show up!”

I have been waking up at 5AM every morning, and training, ever since I was 14— Without fail. I show up every morning. It is meditation in motion. Alone and peaceful. When I was 20 people thought I was a nut. At 30, even my mother was muttering “his routine has never changed”. At 40, […]

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Curare for Burns

I burned myself cooking thanksgiving dinner and immediately reached for my bottle of CURARE. I know how amazing Curare is and that it was made for actual burn victims to ease their pain and regenerate new skin. However, I have been using it on my face and neck as a serum for younger, tighter, smoother […]

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“All Natural” Skin Care?

Over the years, I have seen women in industrial nations, as young as 35, having very leathery skin and hair. It is very common for women from the middle east, Asia and India, to have very vibrant skin and hair. I attribute it to women in Asia and India using natural products like Neem, Coconut oil, […]

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Why Curare heals – while Aloe Vera from major retailers CVS and Walmart does not!

Most products sold in USA as natural are synthetic compounds made in China. Aloe vera is an example of maltodextrin being peddled as “natural Aloe vera”

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