You can with PHYTOTHERAPY ….

Phytotherapy is plant based medicine. Most pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic versions of plant compounds.

Our focus on phytotherapy makes remarkable sense because our body accepts plants as “natural.” It rejects synthetic drugs as a “xenobiotic” or “foreign substance.”

Every year, more than 2 million Americans suffer from serious pharmaceutical drug reactions.



Accentus is a medicinal grade Adaptogen. It is primarily used for it’s ability to prevent anxiety. It significantly reduces cortisol levels and reduces stress.

It regulates:

  1. For better sleep and so much more
  2. Regulates thyroid activity
  3. Lowers systolic blood pressure and increases blood production
  4. Reduces heart disease and significantly reduces heart palpitations
  5. It has been found to reduce “bad cholesterol”, triglycerides, serum cholesterol, and         serum glucose
  6. Its a cardio protective, immune modulatory and it restores electrolyte balance, particularly by increasing potassium production.
  7. Anti depressant, anti oxidant and helps manage stress
  8. Anti inflammation and anti bacterial
  9. Fights diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance, natural aphrodisiac (under certain conditions), prevents seizures.
  10. Anti-Carcinogenic, rapidly gaining notoriety for its cancer-killing properties, in association with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Moreover, it is known to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy without interfering with the tumor cell-killing activity.



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