The following article represents much of what is wrong with science today.

The authors of this article have disclosed that-

“the principle investigator has received unrestricted research funding from Cereal Partners Worldwide and Nestlé.

Cereal Partners Worldwide is owned by Nestle. In essence, this piece of “scientific research” has been funded by Nestle.

Not surprisingly, the authors have found that-

malted drink consumers had better micronutrient intakes and were more physically active than non-consumers of malted drinks. There was no observed association between malted drink consumption and weight status. These findings suggest that malted drinks are a micronutrient-rich beverage which are unlikely to promote excess energy intake and obesity risk, at the consumption pattern in the population assessed.

Except that this is mostly false. Malted drinks DO contribute to obesity. They are high density calorie drinks and their nutritional benefits are swamped by their sugary “empty calories” junket.

The problem is the ease with which science is manipulated to pontificate garbage and deceit.

Data can be easily manipulated. Statistics can be used to peddle garbage with scientific pomposity.

And once scientific tripe like this is published, it is used as a holy grail or “scientific fact”.

Using scientific articles, peppered with falsehood, to sell malted milk shakes, is bad for science, bad for society, bad for health and bad for kids.

Worst of all, it casts doubt on the veracity of all scientific articles published.