Malignant Bladder Neoplasm

My name is Margaret Youhana. I am 65 years old. I began taking ImmunAg 10 months ago for “high grade” bladder cancer. My problem with my bladder began what most consider at birth. At the age of 13, I had ureterolithotomy surgery for an obstructing stone. Suffice to say, I was “born” with a bad bladder. Five pregnancies and countless infections only compounded my issues. For years, I’ve had problem after problem with my of bladder and most of my adult years have included regular bouts of a bleeding bladder. At the age of 40, I was recommended for a cystectomy for frequency and bladder pain. I rejected — avoiding such surgery at any cost.

On 2/12/16, I was diagnosed with high grade transitional cell cancer at three lesion sites contained in my bladder. I was immediately started on topical chemo. I underwent chemo sessions for over 6 months. And by the end of 2016, I was back at the doctor and this time the doctor not only noted that the lesions were still present and “angry” but upon further testing, I was told that my cancer was aggressive and my doctor feared it would spread outside of the bladder.

In January of 2017, my family put me in touch with Dr.. Joseph. My cancer was not under control, and had in fact had become more aggressive. I was beyond worried that it was going to spread and my treatment was doing little to control it from spreading. Moreover, I had constant bouts of bleeding bladder and major discomfort. The chemo was compromising the frail and delicate tissue in the bladder. I was so worried that if my bladder didn’t get healthy with healthy tissue: the doctor would push for a cystectomy. I began taking ImmunAg in January of 2016. 500 mg a day as the cancer was highly aggressive.. Within the first 2 weeks I noted:

  • Increased level of energy – this is an understatement as I was pretty much bedbound during all chemo cycles and when I wasn’t undergoing sessions, I was trying to heal from them
  • Restful sleep
  • Dissipating bleeding from the bladder site

And this was just within the first 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe the almost instantaneous reaction my body was having to it. In June 2017, my first results came back and 2 of the 3 lesions were GONE, with the third lesion almost gone. My doctor noted how impressed she was with the tissue quality in my bladder. Where I once had a most “angry” bladder, she saw signs of tissue improvement and MOST IMPORTANLY the disappearance of two very aggressive lesions. By October 2017 all lesions were gone and my doctor was at a loss. I am now urinating w/OUT blood and my bladder is emptying almost completely (this being a big deal). This would NOT be the case if I had not started taking ImmunAg. I have Dr. Joseph to thank for giving me a cancer free, healthy bladder. My bladder is in fact the healthiest it has been in my adult life. I am now taking 40mg of ImmunAg for maintenance. I enjoy the sound sleep, increased energy level and a bladder that is not only cancer-free but isn’t bleeding.

Thank you, Dr. Joseph and his amazing team of staff. You gave me my life back.

Margaret Youhana