It is subtle how it affects me. I’ve been taking the 40mg ImmunAg  (CBD)since about last August 2016. I used to love drinking fine wine almost daily. An expensive habit. Now I no longer desire it or enjoy it like I use to. I enjoy a glass or 2 only once/week now. I believe it affects the hard wiring of the brain somehow? Also my skin seems better. I go to a skin doctor regularly, but now not as often and less pre-skin cancers to freeze off. About half as much.
I broke my leg around last Halloween and have been slowly rehabilitating it. I was on crutches for a few months, now a cane sometimes. I was taking Oxicotin for pain for a few months. Highly addictive. When I quit it was very easy for me. No side effects at all. My belief is all natural ImmunAg helps with any addictions, drugs or alcohol. Maybe even tobacco but I don’t know that 1st hand. Also I believe you have the strongest mg dose on the market for the best price that I’ve found and I do appreciate that very much.
Hope everyone finds this helpful.

Mark C.