I have been under the care of Dr Boban Joseph since September 2016. I have been suffering from Oral cancer for the last eight years. I have had five major surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation during this time. In August of 2016 the cancer recurred yet again and I was looking at life changing surgery. After tremendous thought and consideration, I decided to look for alternative treatments.

I was introduced to ImmunAg (CBD) in September of 2016. Small doses at first, but increasing as we realized the aggressiveness of the cancer. I am now undergoing chemotherapy as well as taking ImmunAg (CBD). My cancer is shrinking. Whilst I’m not sure how much the chemo or ImmunAg is to be credited for this, what I do know is that the ImmunAg has kept me pain free throughout the last four months. When the cancer was at it’s worse, I know from previous experience that Morphine is the only pain killer strong enough to deal with the pain levels. Oral cancer is one of the most painful types of cancer.

I would have been unable to lead any kind of normal existence if I were on Opiates. Driving is out of the question, not to mention the feeling of being “out of it ” all the time. I am hoping for a complete recovery, but that will remain to be seen.

I would highly recommend the ImmunAg (CBD) for the benefits with no side effects. A very unusual combination in this day and age.
Eileen K.


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