I’ve been suffering from sciatic nerve pain and inflammation for over a year now. I’m on several pain medications for over a year now and I know they are taking their toll on me. And I can only take them at night.

I’ve been using BioActive CBD from ImmunAg for over 6 months, and it has dramatically reduced my overall pain, health and lifestyle. I noticed dramatic change within a week!! This little miracle pill took away 80% of my pain, so I decided to increase my dose and now I can’t even notice my pain anymore!! WHAT!? This is something I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. My Miracle. Sciatic pain is so deep within the body that I never thought a natural product would help me with the pain. BioActive CBD is healing my body from the inside… as they said it is creating homeostasis in my body.

I’ve tried other CBD products but nothing compares to what this BioActive CBD does for my body. I’m a mom and now can be more hands on and enjoy the little things with my kids without constant pain.  I’ve never been into natural healing but now found a product that is not only natural but can help me get away from pharmaceuticals. Im hooked.

This wonderful all natural product has also Drastically improved my Mood!!!!!!!! A real miracle. I can’t wait to try all the other products at photo.clinic

Thank you!

Nazly H.

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