Omg, what can I say BioActive CBD ImmunAg… I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to the BioActive CBD, Curare, and the Rejure. The BioActive CBD, has kept me from getting sick after being around friends and family who are sick from the normal winter colds, etc.. I truly have been saved from catching any of those, I attribute it to the BioActive CBD, I haven’t felt this good and healthy for sometime now. I can actually function as if I was years younger…lol.

The Curare, has saved me from visiting my dermatologist, after having a reaction from a product that was introduced to me by a friend. It is soothing, and have noticed a difference on the texture of my skin. all good……

The Rejure, i have been using in the evening on my face, also I had a reaction to an oil my manicurist used on my legs on my last pedi… so I quickly used the oil and it has done wonders, the rash has almost disappeared. I pray that they will continue to produce these products as I am hooked. lol..Keep the BioActive CBD coming, whatever it’s doing my body is responding to it. thank you, thank you, thank you……

Windy O.

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