Third Relapse

My name is Candy Papier. Below is my PET scan, taken at Kaiser Hospital, Santa Clara CA, on March 4th 2016. I had my third relapse of breast cancer and the cancer had metastasized all over my body. It can be seen as the white bright blotches. Chemo was not effective and I was given three months to live.


The Treatment

I started taking 320 mg BioactiveCBD ImmunAg every day beginning March 5th 2016. I increased it to 400 mg on March 30th 2016 when I felt it working very well. I had another PET scan taken on April 11th 2015, five weeks later. It is attached below:


I was stunned at how effectively ImmunAg had worked. Just five weeks later my stage IV, metastasized, cancer had receded 92%! As a reminder, I had been treated by chemo without positive results.

ImmunAg has been designed by professionals who obviously know what they are doing. It is a tiny blue pill which was very easy for me to take when I was nauseous. The tinctures and oils make me wretch and vomit and I can’t imagine anyone sick being able to consume them.


I was declared to be in remission by my oncologist on September 15th 2016. No sign of cancer – to the disbelief of the doctors who had given up on me.

Six months after they had told me that I had three months to live, the very same baffled doctors declared me cancer free. Thanks to ImmunAg!

I am testifying openly and am sharing my experience voluntarily to help other cancer patients.