( originally developed Curare healing gel to heal the skin of burn victims. It is a gel made from concentrated Aloe Vera juice, Saffron, and Saffron oil fused with 32 hand-picked herbs. Curare healing gel contains more than 40% Acemannan – the active ingredient of Aloe barbadensis (the Aloe Vera plant). The picture above shows pure Aloe vera being extracted. The picture below shows Curare healing gel.


Below is a sample of Curare healing gel, a thicker gel with visible streaks of Saffron.


Patients report a positive reaction when they apply Curare healing gel to their skin. The strongest demand for Curare healing gel is from people using it. We often get asked, “Why does the Aloe Vera I buy from the local drug store store not feel so good?” Well, Bloomberg answered that question today. The bulk of Aloe Vera sold in the United States is NOT Aloe Vera. It is synthetic maltodextrose or maltodextrin made in a factory. Most likely in China.

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